Thursday, July 11, 2013

Red Buhl Should Not Give You Wings:


I can't be everywhere or know everything. Of the many stupid pictures spreading around Facebook, one of them is of a young man with one hand on his nose & mouth with the other hand on a gun. The gun is pointed to where his brain would be located. With no free hands to take the picture, anything could be possible:

He took the picture alone, which means:

1. This picture was taken from a sophisticated camera.
2. This picture is a still image from a webcam.
3. This picture is originally from a camcorder video.


This picture was taken by somebody else, which means this entire thing is a publicity stunt.

These pictures are shared online by losers with too much free time, and are always posting scams on facebook. The titles of the shared pictures say: "R.I.P. Freddy E. Click Here to watch the tragic video$c@mmyL!nK".

Every ho that sees this picture has commented with sympathy. Bible thumpers everywhere believe "he is in a better place".

Apparently "Freddy E." is Frederick Eugene Buhl, approximate aged 22, and had a future of potential. He appeared to be in perfect physical health save for obvious neuron imbalance in his head. (or perhaps he was abused as a child)  About half of his pictures I found he appears to be extremely sensetive, and even tearful. He also published videos. He was an entertainer on YouTube and many people loved him.

But what is shocking is now he is MORE popular and people love him even MORE. They are loving some dead guy, if he is even dead. So let's assume he is dead: How did he die? Did he die a hero? I mean, did he die rescuing stranded people from a burning building?! Did he evacuate people trapped in a flood?! NO! His life ended with dishonor and he needs to be forgotten.

Of all the trends there are, the "social suicide" is the worst one. Some people will do anything for attention including faking their death, or perhaps actually killing themselves.

I don't think Freddy is going to be remembered for his videos. He is going to be remembered for his "beautiful" death.

Freddy E.'s DEATH is going to be remembered: with sympathy, AND with SUPPORT. The supporters act like it is okay to kill yourself (AND PUBLISH IT ON THE INTERNET). As a result, people will think it okay to do the same, so they can become the next Freddy E.

The most believed motive behind Buhl's suicide was because of a relationship with a girl "Honey Cocaine". What is even more shocking than this fact is NOW EVERYBODY ELSE MAY CONSIDER SUICIDE WHENEVER THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THEIR "RELATIONSHIPS". (and just when I thought their behavior couldn't possibly get any more annoying)

My personal opinion of Freddy:

Had I known him when he was still alive, I might have enjoyed his videos. Whenever he was upset I could have given him a hug and been there for him. Perhaps I could have been a great friend. AND I CERTAINLY WOULD MAKE SURE HE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FIND ANY BULLETS, WHICH WOULD BE MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE DID.

BUT SINCE HE FELT LIKE ANNOUNCING: "Hey, World! I want to kill myself! 1 Like = 1 Prayer!"

INSTEAD, I have this urge to bully him. I would still keep him away from any bullets as a torture method.

He has a very soft, squishy personality that makes a pansy look like a cactus.

Because of this I think I could beat him up over and over again. And all he'd do would be cry, point a gun ... to his head ... and post a picture.

And because I'd have kept bullets out of his reach, HE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO KILL HIMSELF!

I'd have tied him up, and mocked to him "HAH HAH! YOU CAN'T KILL YOURSELF!"

and he'd be forced to sit there and cry and let me torture him again and again and again.

No matter how much he'd point that gun to his head, he would not be able to shoot.

Shame on him for thinking suicide is an acceptable answer. Shame on the others for not stopping him. Shame on the others that support his suicide. AND SHAME ON THE "R.I.P. FREDDY E." CON ARTISTS WHO ARE POSTING THE PICTURE.

Freddy E. must be forgotten before this Social Suicide trend catches on even more.

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