Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fake Reasons Given Regarding Tucked In Shirts

I am going to share with everybody information about all the schools that have a dress code requiring students to have their shirts tucked in at all times because everybody in the world has to grow into respectable pot-smoking adults that are well dressed and have their shirts tucked in at school, at work, and even while they are showering.

Many school districts do not accept transfers from other school districts. In other words, you must attend school in your own school district. Perhaps this information will help you decide where you should not move to. The area economy would be impacted and the rules would be changed. This is very unlikely, but if any schools do revise their dress code to not make it required to tuck in shirts, then they can let me know and I will delete their name.

I will be updating this information often, but not all at once. I will constantly check for dress code policy revisions for schools.

One of the arguments in forcing students to tuck in shirts is because they can carry weapons in their pants and that concealed weaons might be more noticeable if their shirts are not covering their pants.

Also, they say that it will reduce disciplinary infractions and provide a better learning environment.


This argument is wrong for many reasons.

 = It is not the tucked in shirts that is the problem, it is baggy clothes.
 = It is extremely unlikely that a student will stuff their pants with every weapon possible.
 = It is extremely unlikely that a student will be able to walk effictively.
 = Students could still conceal weapons in their pants with their shirt tucked in.
 = Students could still carry weapons concealed in backpacks or disguised as books or computers.
 = It is almost never that students shove every weapon possible down their pants. I don't think that this is a world record challenge. Students are much more likely to carry wallets in their pants. This was not demonstrated in the youtube video. Students also are likely to carry non-approved mobile devices in their pants. There were none in the video.
= Students can still carry weapons in their SHOES. What are schools to do now? Force students into wearing smaller shoes, even ones so small it could break their toes?!
= Don't ban Flip Flops, Crocs, etc.  either. Because these types of shoes are obviously more difficult to hide weapons and drugs. (and students refusing to show their toes could be injecting drugs)
= A snug, untucked shirt doesn't necessarily cover up their pants.

The decision is wrong, and it being wrong is a fact. This fact is not up for debate.

Popular Culture examples:

James Bond has no problems with weapons, and he is usually wearing formal clothing, not much different from a stereotypical school uniform.

Schools should focus on health education as a science class, instead of "Forensics". Some teachers go as far as showing CSI episodes because of its setting. But at the same time, CSI teaches all viewers how to kill.

What schools SHOULD do:

Worry about their education. Teach them facts, not opinions.

Enforce snug-fitting clothes. Make sure air conditoning is working properly, as snug-fitting clothes cannot be worn in hot temperatures. Snug-fitting clothes would make it much more difficult to conceal weapons and drugs.

Install "Airport Security" in schools. Surprisingly, Airports do not force everybody into tucking their shirts. All school personnel should be trained into knowing how to operate scanning devices for weapons. Students must be scanned before enering the campus. They need to get more drug dogs.

AND if school personnel are unable to notice a stiff-walking student with weapons stuffed down their pants, these personnel must be terminated effective immediately.

The YouTube Video:

The schools enforcing students to  tuck in shirts. Students attending these schools: You must follow this dress OPINION, or they won't provide you any education at all and will send you home.

Churchill, Pennsylvania 15235

Gainesville, Texas 76241

Fort Worth, Texas 76101

More information will be added later.

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