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"One Car Family":

Ditch that second car?! How about ditching the idea of becoming The One Car Family?!

Why would any family of morons ditch their second car?!

Much of this is Liberal politics.

Having too many cars pollutes the earth. So carpool as much as possible. Right?!
And also your old cars pollutes a lot. So buy new hybrid vehicles instead.

Another excuse to become a one car family is they think they can't afford two cars. THAT IS NOT TRUE. ......unless you buy NEW cars, especially Hybrids.

I have seen the State Farm Insurance commercial of the couple, with the woman saying "We have chosen to be a one car family." with the man nodding. A few other people say other things like "We eat hamburger instead of steak" and "I live with my parents." and also "I budgeted my budget." I agree with the last one, and certainly NOT the first one.

State Farm Insurance implies that having insurance policies with their company is much better ways to save money.

And then I Googled "One Car Family", with a suggestion to search for "becoming a one car family"

and then I had to come back to Blog Spot earlier than I had planned to complain about this nonsense.

Don't follow the crowd, and a trend that is popular is becoming a one car family.

I am going to point out that families commonly having two cars has NOT been around for a long time!! While two cars are present in the 1983 motion picture, "National Lampoon's Vacation", the movie Poltergeist II is different. There is a one car garage, and only one car. The wife, a housewife (unemployed in my opinion), does not least I have never seen her drive that vehicle. This movie series was released in the 1980s.

Shortly afterwards, The Simpsons aired for the first time. I have not watched The Simpsons until 2008 and onwards, so I don't know how long that Homer has had that pink car and Marge has had that red wagon. They both have cars. The husband and father, & the wife and mother. They are not a one car family.

King Of The Hill, a series that has not enjoyed a span as long as The Simpsons because King Of The Hill has been canceled, has characters in which every person that is able to drive is able to get their own vehicle. The only one car family is Kahn and Minh. However, they have had four cars... even though not one time that I know of have I ever seen two of their cars at the same time. The main vehicle seen is a large dark blue van that resembles a Toyota Town Ace and also Ford E-Series. Kahn also drives a silver car to work, but this is seen in one episode before it gets "traded in" for a Chevrolet El Camino. The last car, never seen, is a Ferrari. Kahn brags about it, saying that his neighbors don't keep a Ferrari in the garage. What about the main characters, Hank and Peggy Hill? They both have their own vehicles. Hank drives what resembles a Ford Ranger extended cab or whatever, and Peggy drives what resembles a Pontiac least until she trades it in for something similar to what Nancy drives. And what do THEY drive? Dale Gribble drives a "Bug-A-Bago", which is actually a Chrysler type of mini-van. Nancy drives...something. I don't know what type of car that is. Bill drives a Ford Escort, and in one episode has a truck but it gets stolen. Boomhauer, (yes, I can't spell) has a classic car. Luanne has a Hyundai Accent, and Lucky has a monster truck. All of the main characters have their own car. The only one not explained on screen is Kahn and Minh. At the beginning of the series, they have one car with Minh being a housewife. Later, she mentions having her own car, but it was never explained what car she was talking about and it could have simply been that blue van. (Also she becomes an investor towards the end of the series)

It is very dumb for the convenience of two cars and the two car family to go away because of "The Economy", "The Environment", and "Gas Prices".

The possibility of having to share a car is one reason for me to fear entering a romantic relationship. I am not giving up ANYTHING. And I INSIST that my spouse would not either. Also, in my opinion, "a housewife", and "a stay at home mom", are the same thing as being unemployed. Everybody needs to get a job. It is different if there is nobody hiring, but everybody should get a job, even if it is a dumb job. It should not matter. Because you get paid!!

The woman (and in modern times: one of the two men, one of two women, one of the the transgendered, and a few members of the polygamists colonies)

I am mentioning that so I don't offend any of these people.


The woman, is usually the one that rides in the passenger seat. And rarely drives. The husband is VERY dominant (another reason to not enter a relationship, even since I am a man that would make me the husband but I don't care I don't like either person in the relationship to dominate) and might even forbid the wife to drive. Sometimes, such as in the TV version of Vinegar Hill, there is one car but both of them drive. But as far as I know, One Car Families were around everywhere in the 1950s and earlier.

The Flintstones: There is an enormous continuity error with the Flintstones TV show source of transportation. The Flintstones aired beginning in the 1960s, and the person with the "car" is Fred Flintstones. Wilma does not have a car.  Perhaps it is because Fred has giant feet, which is useful to start the "cars" during the stone ages. The Rubbles don't have a car ... usually. However, at least one time they have TWO cars. Barney has a purple car with a roof on it, and there is a dark blue car made out of wood (resembling a pencil) and it does not have a roof either. Betty and Wilma appear to share that car. Perhaps you remember this episode, in which the car gets a "flat". In the earlier episodes of The Flintstones, where Wilma and Betty are bossier than usual, have yet another completely different car. Wilma and Betty drive it together, despite their small feet. But does any of this really matter? Before there were motorcars, automobiles, or "horseless carriages", other animals such as HORSES pulled the cars. I REALLY doubt that the people that lived many aeons ago ever used their feet to start their cars.

The Jetsons: Not much to pay attention to. It was on in 1962, and then it returned in the 1980s. Everybody seems to have their own car: George, Jane, and Judy. I am not sure if Rosie would need her own car because surely she has the capability to fly. Actually, because of jet packs seen in The Jetsons, transportation is not a problem at all.

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home: More than one driver... actually more than two... and there is one car and a one car garage. I have not seen this series in a while, but I think they always have one car.

The Brady Bunch: Here is an example!! Sort of... There are two cars. However, there is more than one than driver and more than two drivers. There is Mr. Brady (sorry I forgot his name) and Carol Brady, and Alice. And then the children grow and are old enough to drive.

The Andy Griffith Show: I probably did not spell that Correctly. But this series evolved a lot. One example is very obvious: the last 3 seasons were filmed in color. And another example (one that is to the point of this blog post) is "Ain't Bee" who does not drive but in one episode gets her own car and learns to drive it. Notice that she learned to drive a manual transmission, a very useful skill. Later, she also becomes a pilot.

If you can pull off "The One Car Family" and not worry about one person taking over the one car while leaving you stranded, go for it. Actually, don't!!

But there are still other reasons not to become a A One Car Family and there are alternatives.

If you are in an urban area, where public transit is everywhere (even to the point of where you are able to get to work every day), then you could be okay with one car. You might be fine with ZERO cars! And if you need to move anything that you can't take on a Bus or Taxi cab, then you should get a Moving Van. Unfortunately, if you need to get something too big for public transit and too small for most moving vans, then you are helplessly hopeless. Hopelessly helpless. Whatever.

And if you needed or wanted to travel, you could drive a motorhome. Whether you consider them a small house or a giant car, they are useful in travelling long distances (by land... You would need the assistance of a boat if you needed to cross an ocean). You could even have a motorhome as the only source of transportation. If you wanted to save on fuel expenses, you could supplement with  motorcycles. Or ... if you were in an urban area, you could commute on a transit service.

IF YOU ARE NOT IN A DENSE URBAN AREA, then you should NOT become a One Car Family. EVER. Especially if you live outside of city limits.

You should never be left stranded at home, or anywhere else. Perhaps if only one person works and the other person has to take care of the children (usually infants since they require lots of care and having a job would be difficult during that time) then whoever stays at home can drive the other person to and from work.

Here is an idea: if you cannot afford two cars, you should not have children because you won't be able to afford to care for your children!!

Couples... Men that dominate over their women and forbid them to drive "The Car" and they are practically locked up in their house .... really bother me.

Also families that don't have anything better to do but have children and don't take care of their responsibilities in caring (and financially supporting) their young children and yet their family keeps expanding ......also bother me.

A lot.

Haven't you idiot One Car Families thought about buying OLDER cars?! What is referred to as "clunkers"?! In some areas, and perhaps everywhere in the future (BUT I HOPE NOT) you cannot have a car older than 10 years old for example and that leaves you with little choice but to buy newer (and more expensive) cars but if this is not an issue (AND HOPEFULLY IT ISN'T) then you really need to buy older cars. Or perhaps one older car and one newer car. For whatever reason, older cars decrease in sale price. And what about having a BORING car???????? Get a luxury vehicle, since they have always had all those features (except for MP3 and GPS which are both newer technologies) but be careful since many luxury vehicles have V8 engines. As for the cost in buying an older car, it is not be a problem to be a two car family.

EVERYBODY that can drive a car (carefully) should have their own vehicle. You should never depend on anybody else, just in case. ...pun not intended. AND every person should have TWO cars. And perhaps two cars and two RVs. each. and also their own computers. EVERYBODY should have their own EVERYTHING. And at least two of each.

How much money are you saving by being a one car family?!

Not much. If your cars are completely paid for, AND if you are both good drivers, then your insurance should not cost very much at all. And what about saving on fuel and repair costs???????


What you numb skulls are doing by being a one car family is using this one car TWICE as much, meaning you aren't saving much (if anything) in fuel costs, and tires, and other repairs. AND you'd be wearing out this one car much sooner than if you have two cars.

The only noticeable difference is vehicle registration costs... all the taxes on an extra vehicle. BIG DEAL.

The ONE CAR FAMILY... what a dumb idea. it hasn't been that long since people started getting and keeping their own vehicles, and the two car garage became common in houses. and now it looks like this convenience is going to go away because of insignificant reasons.

Find other ways to save money. Cut back on travel and vacations. And also shop in off brands, in bulk. Or perhaps you should find lots of coupons. And perhaps you should quit buying alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

There ARE other solutions. THINK about them.

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